The Critics Circle

Royal Watercolour Society

Published: 18/03/2011

 The Society's Spring Exhibition, which will run at the Bankside Gallery until April 15, shows what watercolour painters today are doing and is the perfect complement to the Watercolour exhibition currently at the Tate Britain. That is at its strongest when it shows what watercolour painters in the past have achieved, but when it comes to the present day things get a bit stranged. The works on show at the Bankside Gallery next door to the other Tate range from minutely detailed landscapes to amazing abstracts. What none of them are is genteel. Each year the RWS features the work of one artist. This year it is that of Diana Armfield, still painting at 90.


R Bawden Cat and Cane Sofa. © Royal Watercolour Society/the artist.



Annie Williams Shades of Blue. © Royal Watercolour Society/ the artist.



Liz Butler - Autumn in the Park. © Royal Watercolour Society/the artist.



Liz Butler - Summer in the Park. © Royal Watercolour Society/the artist.


Enquiries about the Critics' Circle should be made to the Hon Gen Sec Rick Jones by email or telephone 020 8698 2460.