Ken Loach receiving the award from Jason Solomons. © Critics' Circle

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Circle Annual Awards Lunch

William Russell

Published: 10/08/2011

The Lunch hosted by our President, TomSutcliffe, to present Ken Loach with his Award was held at the Piccadilly Restaurant in Soho on Thursday, August 4, 2011

All pictures © Critics' Circle 


Ken and Jason

Ken Loach examines his award. Film Section chairman, Jason Solomons, looks on.


Ken speaking

Ken Loach making his acceptance speech


Tom Loach and Jason

President Tom Sutcliffe, Ken Loach, Jason Solomons. 


Tom receives Loach

Tom Sutcliffe welcomes Ken Loach.


Jason and Tom

Jason and Tom.


Ray Bennett

Raymond Bennett of The Hollywood Reporter.


Carol Allen

Carol Allen


Tom Aitken

Tom Aitken, Denise Silvester-Carr and Raymond Bennett


Marianne gray Tom Aitken

Past President Marianne Gray, Tom Aitken


Peter Cargin Anna Smith

Peter Cargin, Hon Treasurer and Anna Smith, Vice chair of the Film Section


Jason Denise

Carol Allen, Jason Solomons, Tom Aitken, John Rees of Premier PR and Denise Silvester-Carr



Ken Loach


Philip French   

 Jonathan Morris, Ken's editor, and Philip French


The room

George Perry and Carol Allen


Philip French

Morris and French 


 Neil and Mansel

  Mansell Stimpson and Neil Smith


 Neil, Cargin,

 Neill  Smith, Rita di Santo and Peter Cargin 


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