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Critical Stages has a growing readership of 50,000

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Critical Stages seeks sponsors

Highly-regarded webjournal is looking for funds

Mark Brown

Published: 22/09/2012

Critical Stages (, the peer-reviewed webjournal

of the International Association of Theatre Critics, is seeking

sponsors. Critical Stages was established as a biannual webjournal in

the Autumn of 2009, and has a regular and growing readership of more

than 50,000. Editors and writers for the journal include leading

newspaper, magazine, broadcast and academic critics from all over the

world. Although relatively recently established, Critical Stages is

already highly regarded as a leading international journal publishing

on theatre and theatre literature.

In order to continue and develop this success, Critical Stages

requires sponsorship. Whether this be from Universities, arts

foundations, private individuals or other interested parties. It is

hoped that the journal can, in the future, build upon the strong and

mutually beneficial partnerships which it has, so far, enjoyed with


As the prestige and readership of Critical Stages continue to grow,

the journal is seeking funding of at least 4,200 Euros (5,400 USD)

from each of a small number of sponsors. As the journal is published

online, it is able to display the sponsor’s logo prominently on its

opening page; this can then be linked to the sponsor’s website.

Sponsorship of Critical Stages will enhance critical writing on

theatre internationally and offers excellent opportunities for

partnership. Organisations or individuals interested in sponsoring the

journal should contact Critical Stages’ sponsorship manager Mark Brown



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