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Sue Hubbard’s Girl in White hits bookshops

Expressionist novel praised by Weldon

Published: 05/10/2012

Our colleague Sue Hubbard has a new book, published on October 11, which follows the true story of the German Expressionist painter Paula Modersohn-Becker in novel form.


It set in 1933, the first year of the Third Reich, and a young musician, Mathilde finds herself left pregnant by he Jewish love and forced to leave Berlin. She returns to the remote village where he mother had died shortly after giving birth, and her story unravels.


The mother is Paula who had left her bourgeois family in 1898 to live in an artists’ community in the wild north German moors. There she married the painte Otto Modersohn, and also fell in love with the poet Rainer Maria Rilke.


Paula left for Paris and its extraordinarily toxic cultural atmosphere of the first years of the 20th century to create her own career as a painter, a promising career which some critics believe to be too unregarded, deserving a place alongside Gwen John and Frida Kahlo. She died aged 30, three weeks after Mathilde’s birth. Review follows shortly.


Girl in White by Sue Hubbard, described as “A liteary tou de force” by Fay Weldon, is published on October 11 by Cinnamon Press, £8.99. For review copies, high resolution images contact; to arrange interviews weith the author contact 


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