A new sponsor for the National Dance Awards

The Critics Circle


Graham Watts

Published: 24/01/2013

The National Dance Awards has announced the final sponsor for the 2012 Awards, which are to be held at The Place on 28 January 2013

The Office for Architectural Culture (OAC) will sponsor the Outstanding Male Performance (Classical) Award.


The Office for Architectural Culture (OAC)is a London-based multi-disciplinary design practice. We provide
architectural design, master planning, public realm and environment design,
interior design, as well as performing arts design services internationally.

OAC, led by acclaimed architectural designers, Charles Phu and Roger Whiteman, can draw on the international
experience of our creative team. With his architectural background and passions in music and dance, Charles Phu has been actively involved in architectural design internationally, as well as ballet and opera performances stage set design. Charles Phu is known by some iconic building designs he masterminded, including Okhta Centre (Gazprom Tower) in St Petersburg, which will be the tallest building in Europe, China World Trade Centre III (tallest building in Beijing), Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Blake’s Hotel refurbishment, Florida Gulf Coast Arts Centre, Okhta Concert Hall, Qingdao Opera house and the recently opened Kolkata International Airport. His stage design has been described by media, including the magazine Opera and The Independent ‘striking’ and ‘elegant’.


OAC believes that good buildings are not only about style or beauty; they are created and exist to inspire people with the past,
present, and future. A cultural core is a must for a good building or a space. The locality and heritage is the root.


To us, architecture is a realisation of harmony between human, environment, still and movement.


The National Dance Awards are delighted to have this association with OAC.




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