Pushkin PIcasso Harlequin and Companion

Harlequin and Companion, 1901 © The State Pushkin Museum, Moscow

The Critics Circle

Becoming Picasso

Paris 1901

Published: 26/01/2013

       In 1901 aged 19 Pablo Ruiz y Picasso arrived in Paris at the beginning of
May with an exhibition of his work already arranged by the dealer Ambroise
Vollard. He spent the summer creating the paintings at amazing speed – most of
the 64 paintings in the show, which opened on June 24,  were done that summer.

The Vollard show was acritical success as well as a commercial one and marks the arrival of Picasso
on the art scene because it is then that he abandoned his father’s name, Ruiz
and started signing himself simply Picasso. The exhibition is a blaze of colour
and shows how he seems to have taken inspiration from the other artists working
in the city at the time – Gaugin, Degas, Manet and  Renoir. He summed it up perfectly – Good
artists borrow from others, great artists steal. There are absinthe drinkers,
prostitutes, Spanish dancers, pictures of Harlequin, who was to feature in many
works later in his career, his famous 
Child with a Dove, a picture of fragile innocence which, it seems, was
painted over a picture of a naked prostitute, two self portraits and the blasphemous
secular altarpiece he painted in memory of his friend Casagemas who had
committed suicide earlier in the year. Picasso was one of the great figures of
20th century art and the exhibition shows what that greatness sprang



 Child with dove PicassoChild with a Dove, 1901. Private Collection.




Picasso seated HarlequinSeated Harlequin, 1901 © The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Art Resource/ Scala, Florence



Picasso Absinthe DrinkerAbsinthe Drinker, 1901 The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg



Picasso Dwarf DancerDwarf Dancer, 1901 Museum Picasso, Barcellona (gasull Fotografia)



Picasso The Blue RoomThe Blue Room (The Tub), 1901, The Phillips Collection, Washington



 The Courtauld Gallery



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