Corinne Julius and Thomas Heatherwick

The Critics Circle

The Visual Arts Annual Award 2013

Pictures of the ceremony at the Mall Galleries

Published: 04/12/2013

DesignersAssorted nobs

Johnnes Tsopasides and Johanna Spath of Shape in Play designers of the award and Marcin Rusak


Professor Rob Kesseler, Ed Heathcote of the FT and Owen Pritchard deputy editor of Icon. © Justin van Vliet




Heatherwick and MarcinMarcin Rusak and Thomas Heatherwick. © Justin van Vliet



Paul Thompson, Rector, Royal College of Art © Justin van Vliet


Heatherwick,Corinne MarinaThomas Heatherwick, Corinne Julius and Marina Vaizey. © Justin van Vliet


Enquiries about the Critics' Circle should be made to the Hon Gen Sec Rick Jones by email or telephone 020 8698 2460.