Film Section Chair Jason Solomons and critic Nicholas Barber enjoy "Cold in July" cocktails

The Critics Circle

Film Critics' Summer Party

Blacks hosts the Film Section's summer party in style, with sponsorship from Sacred Gin

Rich Cline & Anna Smith

Published: 12/07/2014

The Critics’ Circle Film Section held its annual summer party on July 10th at Blacks Private Members Club in Soho. It was a thoroughly entertaining evening, kicking off with cocktails from Sacred Gin and taking in a traditionally tough film quiz…

 Robbie, Jason and Tim at Blacks

Critics Robbie Collin, Jason Solomons and Tim Robey at Blacks in Soho.


Sacred Gin

Sacred Gin provided film-themed cocktails for the night - including the "Under the Skin" (a negroni), the "Nymphomaniac" (a dirty martini) and the "Cold in July" (a martini).


Damon Wise

Quiz master Damon Wise created a particularly fiendish set of questions.


Neil Smith

Critic Neil Smith was the happy winner of one of the quiz prizes.


Quiz prizes

Quiz prizes included books, dvds, CDs, Sacred Gin and Picturehouse memberships, thanks to our sponsors.


Enquiries about the Critics' Circle should be made to the Hon Gen Sec Rick Jones by email or telephone 020 8698 2460.