The Critics Circle

Tingle Factor

Jackson tribute brings critic back

Jeffery Taylor

Published: 21/10/2015

Ablaze with lights, deafening music and bursting at the seams with energy, this is basically a pop concert housed in a hitherto sedate little theatre in the heart of London's West End. There are no pretensions. This is purely a tribute to pop phenomenon Michael Jackson, whose apparently mysterious death in 2009 at the early age of 51 is still shrouded in controversy.

Michael Jcakson was christened the ultimate showman and the completely revamped show, Thriller Live, is an attempt to justify this claim with a fixed set, a small orchestra, a few dancers and fewer vocalists, and, do you know, it works. It may take some time, but as the eardrums adjust to the decibels, the nostalgia soon hits home. From the early Jackson Five hits, ABC and Rockin Robin, the greats keep coming. Act Two is the better constructed. Instead of blowing up the likes of Dangerous and She's Out of My Life into rather clumsy mini-musicals, after the interval, The Way You Make Me Feel, Thriller, and of course, The Man in the Mirror, for instance, have a beginning, middle and end. Enough to send a tingle up the back of anybody's neck. I wonder if there are any seats left for tonight.  


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