Yana Ross's production of Our Class, one of the plays performed at BITF © The Guardian

The Critics Circle

IATC 60th Anniversary Congress

Held in Belgrade in September 2016

Mark Brown and Natasha Tripney report

Published: 05/10/2016

Mark Brown who writes in the Sunday Herald and Natasha Tripney of The Stage reported that the International Association of Theatre Critics congress in Belgrade was held duriong the famous Belgrade International Theatre festival and that he and Natasha Tripney of The Stage represented the Circle's Drama Section which is the British Chapter of IATC.

They said that Margaretta Sorenson from Sweden was re-elected president,and the delegates attended numerous events as well as performances on the BITEF prgramme. These included The Ridiculous Darkness by the Burgtheater, Vienna and Compassion:the History of the Machine Gun by the Schaubuhne, Berlin.

"The theme of the conferense was Newness and Global Theatre; Between Commodification and Artustic Necessity," they added. "A number of people presented papers on this theme including Duska Radosavkjevic (Britain) who discussed her new book Theatre Criticism: Changing Landscape and Irina Gogoberidze (Georgia) who presnted a paper entitled 'Novelty is Never a Global Negation. Theatre Never Waited for Godot.'

"The IATC's biennial Thalia Prize in recognition of a special contribution to worlkd theatre was aearded to the leading NIgerian dramatist, novelist and thinker Femi Osofisan."

The next IATC congress will be held in 2018 in Banff, Canada.


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