Drama Members

David Adams, Nick Ahad, Arifa Akbar, Claire Allfree, Michael Arditti, Jeremy Austin, Nick Awde, Tim Bano, Honour Bayes, David Benedict, Raymond V Bennett, Gerald Berkowitz, Theo Bosanquet, Daisy Bowie-Sell, Clare Brennan,  Mary Brennan, Georgina Brown, Mark Brown, Robert Butler, Simon Button, Jo Caird, Paul Callan, Julie Carpenter, Dominic Cavendish, David Chadderton, Ned Chaillet, James Christopher, Susannah Clapp, Nigel Cliff, Liz Coggins, Clare Colvin, Mark Cook, Neil Cooper, Maddy Costa, Michael Coveney, Steve Cramer, Anthony Curtis, Nick Curtis, Michael Darvell, Robert Dawson Scott, Nicholas de Jongh, Simon Edge, Jane Edwardes, Susan Elkin, John Elsom, Vera Elyashiv, DL Evans, Mark Fisher, Philip Fisher, Roger Foss, Karen Fricker, Lyn Gardner, Sharon Garfinkel, Thelma Good, Robert Gore-Langton, Bill Hagerty, Rachel Halliburton, Robert Hanks, Christopher Hart, Andrew Haydon, Sarah Hemming, Ian Herbert, Henry Hitchings, Alan Hulme, Jafar Iqbal, James Inverne, Emma John, Ian Johns, Oliver Jones, Louise Kingsley, Jeremy Kingston, Ruth Leon, Paul Levy, Brian Logan, Catherine Love, Lizzie Loveridge, Howard Loxton, Andrzej Lukowski, Kate Maltby, Sam Marlowe, Patrick Marmion, Diana Damian Martin, Dominic Maxwell, Caroline McGinn, Keith McKenna, Joyce McMillan, Fergus Morgan, Fiona Mountford, Siobhan Murphy, John Nathan, Gary Naylor, Heather Neill, Benedict Nightingale, Kevin O’Sullivan, Terri Paddock, Michael Parker, Phil Penfold, John Peter, Lucy Powell, Libby Purves, Kieron Quirke, David Roper, William Russell, Alice Saville, Adam Scott, Victoria Segal, Mark Shenton, Robert Shore, Ian Shuttleworth, Aleks Sierz, Neil Smith, Nick Smurthwaite, Charles Spencer, Marianka Swain, Siobhan Synott, Maxie Szalwinska, Robert Tanitch, Paul Taylor, Jessie Thompson, Ann Treneman, Natasha Tripney, Paul Vale, Rosemary Waugh, Tom Wicker, Holly Williams, Lyndsey Winship, Carole Woddis, Matt Wolf, Alex Wood, Kate Wyver, Toby Young.

Honorary members

Michael Billington, Michael Coveney, Clive Hirschhorn, Herbert Kretzmer, Jack Lewis, Blanche Marvin, Garry O’Connor, Peter Roberts,  John Russell Taylor, Irving Wardle.

News & Reviews

Services to the Arts

Recipients of the Critics' Circle Annual Award 1988 – Sir Peter Hall 1989 – Dame Ninette de Valois 1990 – Sir Michael Tippett 1991 – Sir David Lean 1992 – Sir John Mills 1993 – Sir Peter Ustinov 1994 – Sir John Drummond 1995 – Sir Peter Wright 1996 – Richard Eyre 1997...

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King’s Head Theatre to Move

The end of an era, start of a new venture The grand daddy of pub theatres, The King's Head Theatre in Islington opened in 1970 by Dan Crawford and home to a legion of stars to be and stars, as well as some memorable productions, is to moved in 2018 to brand new...

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The Vagabond Lover

Willam Russell Garry O'Connor's The Vagabond Lover to be published on 24 April by CentreHouse Press, pirce £20, is a memoir about his relationship with his famous father Cavan O'Connor, the broadcasting and variety star. Garry O'Conner who has been a drama ctritic for...

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The 2016 Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards

William Russell Held at the Prince of Wales Theatre on Tuesday 31 January the winners of the Critics' Circle Theatre awards were - Best New Play The Flick by Annie Baker at the National Theatre. Peter Hepple Award for Best Musical Groundhog Day at the Old Vic. Best...

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Talking Turkey

IATC condemnation Margareta Sorenson, IATC President The International Association of Theatre Critics strongly condemns the recent ban imposed in Turkey upon the works of a few major classical playwrights. It has been revealed in the international media that State...

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IATC 60th Anniversary Congress, Belgrade 2016

Mark Brown and Natasha Tripney Mark Brown who writes in the Sunday Herald and Natasha Tripney of The Stage reported that the International Association of Theatre Critics congress in Belgrade was held during the famous Belgrade International Theatre festival and that...

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