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Michael Inside

Mansel Stimpson writes about an Irish film that confronts truths about the bad influence that prison can have. The tone established by writer/director Frank Berry is enormously important here. Michael Inside is, as the very title suggests, a film about being in prison...

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind – in concert

By Anna Smith I’ve become a bit of a regular at the Royal Albert Hall’s ‘in concert’ series: it’s a certainly an impressive place to watch classic movies with a live orchestral soundtrack. Back to the Future and Amadeus raised the roof, and Raiders of the Lost Ark was...

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Leave No Trace

A delayed follow-up to Winter's Bone gives Debra Granik a second triumphant drama By Mansel Stimpson It was Debra Granik's second feature, Winter's Bone of 2010, that brought stardom to Jennifer Lawrence, but that film also won enormous acclaim in its own right. Its...

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Between Tragedy and Broken Dreams

Mohammed Rouda discusses five recent films about the Syrian War It is natural that war in Syria, which has been raging for seven years, should provide film-makers with subjects to express their beliefs and views. The same goes for events since 2010 in other Arab...

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