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  • Fairytale Flute
    Die Zauberflöte
    Royal Festival Hall
    10 May

    Jessica Duchen

    Published: 11/05/2016

  • A tenor short
    Tannhäuser, Royal Opera House, April 29th, 2016

    Alexandra Coghlan

    Published: 01/05/2016

  • ENO appoints Daniel Kramer new Artistic Director

    Tom Sutcliffe

    Published: 29/04/2016

  • Dead on arrival
    Lucia di Lammermoor
    Royal Opera House
    7 April

    Tom Sutcliffe

    Published: 11/04/2016

  • Look to the lady
    City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
    Symphony Hall
    31 March

    Christopher Morley

    Published: 04/04/2016

  • Gustav by Gustavo
    LA Phil, Barbican residency

    Rick Jones

    Published: 30/03/2016

  • Nasty business
    The Barber of Seville
    Welsh National Opera
    Bristol Hippodrome
    14 March

    Lucien Jenkins

    Published: 20/03/2016

  • Not really Godunov
    Boris Godunov
    Royal Opera House, 14 March

    Tom Sutcliffe

    Published: 16/03/2016

  • Mixed messages
    Iphigénie en Tauride
    Pia de’ Tolomei
    English Touring Opera
    Hackney Empire, 5 & 10 March

    Tom Sutcliffe

    Published: 14/03/2016

  • And then there were nuns
    Il trittico, Royal Opera, 25 February

    Amanda Holloway

    Published: 01/03/2016

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The Critics' Circle music section

Members of the Music Section

Including Honorary Members

Geoffrey Norris

Published: 11/01/2010

The music section has 76 members. It at present consists overwhelmingly of classical music and opera critics, though we would welcome as members critics of other kinds of music (jazz, pop, and world music) if they want to join us.

The members of the Music Section are:

Nicholas Anderson, Tim Ashley, Edward Bhesania, Augustin Blanco-Bazin, Richard Bratby, Geoff Brown, Antony Bye, Hugh Canning, Rupert Christiansen, Michael Church, Keith Clarke, Alexandra Coghlan, Clare Colvin, Antonia Couling, Della Couling, Martin Cullingford, Kimon Daltas, Guy Dammann, Clive Davies, Chris de Souza, Jessica Duchen, Rian Evans, Richard Fairman, John Fallas, Neil Fisher, Ian Fox, Rebecca Franks, Professor Christopher Green, David Gutman, George Hall, Ivan Hewett, Amanda Holloway, Fiona Hook, James Inverne, Erica Jeal, Dr Lucien Jenkins,  Stephen Johnson, Rick Jones, Graeme Kay, Sir Nicholas Kenyon, Ashutosh Khandekar, Nick Kimberley, Alison Latham, Richard Lawrence, Robert Layton, Jonathan Lennie, Paul Levy, Fiona Maddocks, Barry Millington, Kate Molleson, Christopher Morley, Bryce Morrison, Richard Morrison, Owen Mortimer, Geoffrey Norris, Meredith Oakes, Richard Osborne, Matthew Peacock, Gerhard Persche, Stephen Pritchard, Mark Pullinger, Peter Reed, Tim Rutherford-Johnson, Matthew Rye, Edward Seckerson, Hugo Shirley, Geoffrey Smith, Harriet Smith, Tom Sutcliffe, Michael K Tanner, Robert Thicknesse, Warwick Thompson, Mark Valencia, Kenneth Walton, Nicholas Williams, Hans-Theodor Wohlfahrt.

Honorary members are:
David Cairns, David Gillard, Robert L Henderson, Adrian Jack, Max Loppert, David Mellor, Diana McVeagh, Stephen Pettitt, Stephen Walsh.