The Critics’ Circle

Protecting and promoting cultural criticism since 1913

The Critics’ Circle believes impartial, professional criticism of the arts is an essential ingredient of a healthy society. The Circle today has 503 members shared between Theatre (117), Music (91), Film (151), Dance (57), Visual Arts (47) and Books (40). Admission to the Circle is by invitation from the Council.

Each year since 1988, the Circle has presented the Rosebowl for Distinguished Service to the Arts to an artist of conspicuous achievement. In 2019 the members voted for David Hockney and in 2020 for Dame Janet Baker.

The sections make their own awards in ceremonies which are significant social occasions, and hold periodic meetings and lunches to discuss their awards, propose new members, debate current issues and meet artists.

President: Suzi Feay
Vice-President: Robert Thicknesse
Hon. General Secretary: Rick Jones
Hon. Treasurer: Peter Cargin
Trustees: Ian Herbert, Michael Billington, Peter Cargin

News & reviews

Ever and ever, forever and Evia

Ever and ever, forever and Evia

A postcard from the first Evia Film Project, 15-19 June 2022 Among Greek islands, Evia is second in size only to Crete, more than double the size of the next largest, Lesbos, and nearly triple the size of the fourth-largest, Rhodes. But while everybody knows at least...

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The 22nd National Dance Awards – #NDA22

DE VALOIS AWARD John Ashford   DANCING TIMES AWARD FOR BEST MALE DANCER Edward Watson                            BEST FEMALE DANCER   Marianela Nuñez         STEF STEFANOU AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING COMPANY English National Ballet  BEST MID-SCALE COMPANY   Ballet Black   ...

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Donghoon Shin’s new Cello Concerto

Bruno Delepelaire, cello, Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmoniker / Kirill Petrenko World premiere, 7 May 2022 Korean-born, London-resident Donghoon Shin was the Music Section’s Young Composer of 2019, an award made in recognition of his finely attuned aural...

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ROSA’s day

The new venture of the Visual Arts and Architecture section's new chair, Alex Leith May 20 was an important birthday that saw the first appearance of beautiful, bouncing ROSA. But she’s a newcomer who has been 15 years in gestation. ROSA is the brainchild of a small...

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