David Hockney receives the Critics' Circle award for Distinguished Service to Art

On 3rd October 2018, Britain’s foremost artist David Hockney received the Critics’ Circle award for Distinguished Service to Art. The relaxed ceremony took place over lunch at the Chelsea Arts Club, London, a beautiful venue with access through long french windows into a garden where the guest of honour could puff his Camel Lights into clouds. When asked what he was currently working on, he told of his obsession with Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Persian art and in particular the Bayeux Tapestry which he was about to travel to Normandy to see for the second time in his life. “Like a Chinese scroll, [the Bayeux Tapestry] contains no shadows,” he said, “and it’s a very interesting question, when did shadows first appear in art. Was it with Masaccio? with Van Eyck? or the Apocalypse tapestry at Angers which is an incredible work? Shadows and the lack of them are what interest me now. I’m still working, still interested. That’s what I’m doing.”