In this post we sum up all the articles and speaking engagements by members of the Critics’ Circle on art and architecture, during April.

Sue Hubbard has written about a Virginia Verran exhibition for Doris Press.

Tabish Khan’s writing can be followed by subscribing to his newsletter. This month he’s written about the advantages of having artist parents for Elephant, at MiArt in Milan he’s picked his top 5 booths for Elephant and reviewed the fair for StirHe has reviewed several exhibitions for Londonistwritten his May preview and has several entries on his paid Substack newsletter. He has picked his top books to read this Spring for FADwritten part I and part II of this top picks for the Venice Biennale, and picked his top 5 exhibitions to see in April.

Estelle Lovatt has spoken to BBC World Service about the moving of the Mona Lisa (from the 19:30 mark) and was joined by Ash Bhardwaj for an arty walk in Hampstead, which appeared in the Waitrose magazine.

Olly Wainwright has written about how Disney took over the worldthe hunt for the world’s wildest, daftest and most beautiful hedges, how a radical study centre has been named best building in Europe, and how RIBA is decolonising its HQ.

Alex Leith has written about a queer arrangement in Charleston’s new gallery in Lewes.

Nico Kos Earle has picked her 12 highlights from the Venice Biennale.

Image copyright Eleanor Macnair.