Over the past year the Critics’ Circle Film Section has been reflecting on its membership criteria and the decision-making around it.

On examination of our processes, we realised that we have been artificially limiting the number of candidates accepted every year, and we also have been too narrow in our application of membership rules. This has resulted in certain deserving candidates being overlooked or discouraged from applying, and we have therefore now taken steps to correct this.

To that end, we have invited 18 new members to join the Critics’ Circle Film Section. In addition to being excellent writers and critics across different media, this latest intake also represents the broad range of voices working as film critics today.

Our work is far from complete. We will continue to review our processes to promote criticism as an inclusive place. We will additionally be talking to editors and decision-makers in the film community about how we can work together to promote awareness of and engagement with the wealth of diverse and talented professional writers working in the UK today.

Membership in the Critics’ Circle is by invitation of the Council, which consists of members of the Art, Books, Film, Dance, Music and Theatre sections. The Film Section considers candidates annually between January and April according to the Circle rule that prospective members must be “engaged professionally, regularly and substantially for at least two years in the writing or broadcasting of criticism – and/or informed analytical features or programmes”. For details, visit: Film Section Membership Information