Graham Watts

Published: 14/02/2017

The dance critic Giannandrea Poesio died last week at the age of 57. He was an immensely popular dance academic and critic and son of the Italian theatre critic, Paolo Emilio Poesio. After his university studies in Florence, Giannandrea began his career as a dance critic. Settling in England where he combined research and teaching with his dance writing, primarily for the Spectator, Dancing Times, Dance Europe, Dance Tabs and Danza & Danza.

I heard from a PhD student in Italy who tells me that Giannandrea wrote a long and encouraging series of notes to her regarding her draft thesis, as recently as 30 January, so it would appear that he was working until very near the end. He will be sorely missed by those of us who were privileged to enjoy his company at press nights and – most importantly – to the many students whom he inspired wth his passion for dance. In recent years, dance has been taken more seriously as an academic subject and Giannandrea bears much responsibility for that increased acceptance within the academic world.