Picasso and Lee Miller in the artist’s studio during the liberation of Paris. Picasso embraced Lee Miller with effusive warmth, declaring: “This is marvellous, this is the first Allied soldier I have seen, and it’s you!” Published: 1. UK Vogue, October 1944. 2. Portrait of Picasso by Roland Penrose 1971 Fig 175 P68 Captioned as: Picasso and Lee Miller. Published in Portrait of Picasso by Roland Penrose, 1956, page 66 and in Portrait of Picasso by Roland Penrose, 1956 (reprinted 1971), page 68, Lund Humphries, London. Captioned as: Picasso at rue des Grands Augustins with Lee Miller, first Allied correspondent to call on him after the liberation of Paris. Published in Visiting Picasso - The Notebooks and letters of Roland Penrose by Elizabeth Cowling, 2008, front cover and page 52, Thames & Hudson, London. Published in Scrap Book by Roland Penrose, 1981, page 136, La Poligrafa, Barcelona.