Chairman: Robert Thicknesse
Vice-Chair: Charlotte Gardner
Hon Secretary: Guy Rickards
The aims of the Music Section of the Critics’ Circle are: a) to promote the art of criticism and to uphold its integrity in practice; b) to foster and safeguard the professional interests of its members and to provide opportunities for social intercourse among them; and c) to support the advancement of the arts. Though the Circle is decidedly not a trade union, it tries to encourage best practice. We meet to discuss and decide bread and butter matters twice a year. We make prestigious yearly awards to up and coming musicians in a variety of categories. Occasionally we host meetings with a leading figure from the music world. We also hold luncheons or dinners to celebrate the lifetime achievement of some very special artist, writer, composer or instrumentalist. The music section has about 91 members. At present, it consists overwhelmingly of classical music and opera critics, though we welcome critics of other kinds of music (jazz, pop, and world music).

News & Reviews


The Royal Opera’s new Rigoletto has the casting is just right. Lisette Oropesa’s Gilda (who shares the role with Rosa Feola) manages the difficult balance between the coloratura writing of the part and the youthful innocence of the role. After all, she mustn’t be...

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Madeleine, Harlequin Theatre, Redhill

Kelly Glyptis, in the title role, and Thomas Kelly as her lover Emile, in 'Madeleine' Surrey Opera is a semi-professional company, founded in 1969. Like many similar companies around the country, they offer a platform for young and aspiring singers. Unlike those...

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Madam Butterfly, Wales Millennium Centre

Photo by Richard Hubert Smith Puccini could almost have written Madama Butterfly after hearing an appeal at a conference on intersectionality for material to support a new module, with its tragic tale of a woman misused by a man, a confrontation between a more- and a...

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Recording Retrospective: Galynin & Sutermeister

Galynin: Complete Works for Strings Scherzo*.**. Aria*,**. Suite**. String Quartet No 1*,***,****. String Quartet No 2*,***,***** *Anastasia Latysheva (vn). **Academy of Russian Music / Ivan Nikiforchin. ***Arina Minaeva (violin), Anna Scherbakova (cello)....

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