The Critics’ Circle

Protecting and promoting cultural criticism since 1913

The Critics’ Circle believes impartial, professional criticism of the arts is an essential ingredient of a healthy society. The Circle today has 503 members shared between Theatre (117), Music (91), Film (151), Dance (57), Visual Arts (47) and Books (40). Admission to the Circle is by invitation from the Council.

Each year since 1988, the Circle has presented the Rosebowl for Distinguished Service to the Arts to an artist of conspicuous achievement. In 2019 the members voted for David Hockney and in 2020 for Dame Janet Baker.

The sections make their own awards in ceremonies which are significant social occasions, and hold periodic meetings and lunches to discuss their awards, propose new members, debate current issues and meet artists.

President: Suzi Feay
Vice-President: Robert Thicknesse
Hon. General Secretary: Rick Jones
Hon. Treasurer: Peter Cargin
Trustees: Ian Herbert, Michael Billington, Peter Cargin

News & reviews

Film-Festival, Italian Style

Film-Festival, Italian Style

Concorto Comes of Age The biggest, industry-oriented of the world's film-festivals are often described as having a "hothouse" atmosphere—how ironic, then, that one of the most casual, laid-back and non-materialistic celebrations of cinematic art, northern Italy's...

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Film Section Supports Schools

Critics participate at Into Film festival Anna Smith Talking to students is always a rewarding experience, and it feels increasingly important to pass on our advice in an ever-complex marketplace. So I’m pleased to confirm that members of the Film Section will once...

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Eating people are wrong

There is a discussion taking place in the press and on Facebook about bad behaviour in theatre as a result of what happened after a couple brought in some Chicken McNuggets to a performance of Dr Faustus starring the Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington. The result...

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