Rhinoceros clock. Folie, Julien (French). Saint-Germain, Jean-Joseph de, case maker (French, 1747-1772). Dial: One piece white enamel dial with black markings, roman numerals for the hours and arabic ones for every five minutes, elaborately pierced and shaped gilt brass hands. Signed in the dial centre ‘JULIEN JOLIE A PARIS'. Movement: 8 day circular movement striking hours and half hours on a bell. The original silk suspension for the pendulum replaced with a Brocot type adjustable spring suspension. Case: Of Louis XV design. This consists of a rococo ormolu base on which stands a very finely modelled bronze rhinoceros. This supports the rococo ormolu clock surround which is surmounted by a seated figure of an Indian child. The case is signed on the base ‘S.Germain'. Height 63 cm, circa 1750-1760. Production place: Paris, Colmar.